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My name is Tonielle, and I am a 38 year old artist with severe cerebral palsy. Despite my physical limitations, I have developed skills which allow me to make my ideas a creative reality. I use a head switch with a scanning program to access all functions of my computer.

Always artistically expressive, I started painting at 13 years old throuh the use of specially adapted brushes. All the textures, colors, and placement are my own. My pantings have been seen in many venues all across America. Some have even been published in a book.

In 2014 I began operating my own business, TLC DESIGNS, specializing in custom designed flyers, greeting cards, logos, business cards, and more. All graphics can be my design, yours or a combination. I specialize in calendars, filled with my artwork.

My artwork, designs, and more are featured on this website. Please feel free to browse and to contact me with any questions. I hope you enjoy!

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